Visit Homeprint

Visit Homeprint

John and Allison Brebner are teachers, printmakers and book artists. They have combined their talents to develop a working letterpress printing museum, maintain a private art gallery and provide a studio for teaching book art and a wide range of creative activities .

Allison is a keen gardener with a large vegetable garden and herb garden, orchard, and native tree nursery. To keep fit, Allison practices yoga and John plays golf.  Swimming in their new solar heated swimming pool is another exciting proposition.

Allison works in their son’s successful computer software company, John, an ex-School Principal, has now worked over 16 years developing the Homeprint business based in their studio.

The resources available to John and his students are considerable. During the last 16 years John has repaired, sourced, designed and built or bought, a wide range of equipment and materials that are accessible to visiting students and artists to experiment and work with.

Vintage working equipment is on display such as a fully restored and frequently used Royal Imperial flatbed press, designed in London,in 1828.

The garden has a number of interesting areas, with a herb garden, organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard. Behind the trees there is also a floodlit tennis court and a passive-solar cottage with a solar-heated swimming pool.

Sheltered outdoor decks with tables and umbrellas provide outdoor working and eating spaces for the studio. Side and back verandah areas allow for wet processes such as paper making and marbling to be done outdoors but under cover.