What have I found in my attic?

The attic is my vault where I have stored, over the years, many treasures related to my passion, that could be paintings, prints, books, ancient tools … And today I have decided to let you have a look at some of them and maybe you will be the next owner of one or more of these treasures of antiquity.


Paua Collage


This framed work contains marbling, solarprints, metallic thread, handmade paper, paua shell fragments, and letterpress printing.

By Allison and John Brebner of Homeprint.

  • Edition of  3/12
  • 2002

Price : $120


The Headland


Acrylic painting on card by John Brebner

  • Size : 210mm x 100mm
  • 1995
  • Series available

Price : $20


Purple Sky


Framed acrylic painting.

  • By John Brebner
  • Size : ext 170mm x 170mm  / int : 85mm x 85mm
  • 1993

Price : $50


Eye in the sky


Framed acrylic painting

  • By John Brebner
  • Size : ext 180mm x 265mm  / int : 125mm x 210mm
  • 1982

Price : $50


The Old Woman

DSC_8615  DSC_8616

Story for children. One of our first handmade books. Handset and handfed by               Allison and John Brebner.

  • Size : 210mm x 160mm, 12 pages
  • Published at Homeprint, 1978
  • Limited edition 33/100

Price : $10


 MEDICOLOGY – 10 illustrated books in one volume

DSC_8595  DSC_8599  DSC_8600

Home encyclopedia of health, a complete family guide.  Compilation of 10 books in one volume by Joseph G. Richardson, M.D., William H. Ford, A.M., M.D., C.C. Vanderbeck, M.D., ph.D.

  • Managing Editor : James P. Wood, M.D. assisted by a large and able corps of medical practitionners, lecturers and teachers.
  • Size : 195mm x 260mm x 120mm – 1436 pages – 4.250kg
  • Illustrated with coloured an monotone plates
  • 1907 edition. University medical society – NY, Philadelphia, London

Price : $50


DR. CHASE’s Third, Last and Complete Receipt Book

DSC_8593  DSC_8594

Dr CHASE’s Third, Last and Complete Receipt Book and Household Physician, or     Practical Knowledge for the people, from the life long observations of the Author, Embracing the Choicest, Most valuable and Every Department of Medicine, Mechanics, and Household Economy; including a treatise on the diseases of women and children, in fact a book for millions, with remarks and explanations which adapt it to the every-day wants of the people. Arranged in departments and most copiously indexed.

  • By A.W. Chase, M.D.
  • Malcolm and Grigg Dunedin, NZ and Sydney, Australia and F.B. Dickerson & co., Detroit, Mich. U.S.A.
  • Size : 160mm x 215mm x 60mm, 865 pages.
  • Memorial edition, 1887

Price : $30


Gems from Shelley & Gems from Keats

DSC_8601  DSC_8604  DSC_8602

Two lovely antique and romantic books containing short stories and love poems.

  • Size : 100mm x 70mm, 90 pages
  • London and Glasgow Colin’s Clear-Type Press

Price : $10 each



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