Artist Books

Artist Books

Original concept, handmade books using original poetry, life events, retelling traditional stories and practical information. You might also be interested by our journals that are designed for you to create your own content. If you have a lack of inspiration for an original and very nice Christmas present or Mother’s Day gift, sure you will find something here that will suit you!

Artist Books


The Artist books have been written, illustrated, letterpress printed, bound and published by John and Allison Brebner at Homeprint, Feilding. Numbered, signed and limited edition books.

Handmade Journalscompil journals

Handmade journals with of wide range of cover material, page size, paper type (plain or lined), paper color (white, brown, blue, black or grey).Designed for you to create the content using writing, drawing, painting, collage. A journal may be gold blocked with your name or your choice title : eg. “Nancy’s receipe book”, “My travel journal”, “Peter’s art diary”…

Leatherbound Journals

Coloured and textured card covers