dvd between ink and paper

between ink

Between Ink and Paper DVD

Printmaking with Catherine Kerman and Akua Ink.

On a quest for a less toxic studio, printmaker Catherine Kernan explores the limits of Akua Kolor and Akua Intaglio water-based inks on large-scale woodblocks, and they revolutionize her working process. In eighty-five minutes of concise and beautifully filmed demonstrations, Between Ink and Paper reveals the synergy between inks, blocks, and color in Catherine Kernan’s print process. In an ever-inventive woodcut monoprint process, Kernan exploits unorthodox techniques that are sure to stimulate printmakers from beginner to expert. These include offsets to plastic, viscosity rolls, sandwiching giant plywood blocks together and pulling ink from one block to another. Kernan immerses us in the brilliance and transparency of Rostow & Jung’s Akua water based inks—their rich and subtle color, their modifiers and versatility, their easy clean-up with soap and water, and their long working time.

  • 85 min
  • Produced by Rostow & Jung 1.888.473.4670 and Facture films
  • Produced in 2011